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Photo of Pipe and Drape for Scotties Curling Photo of Setting up Pipe and Drape for Scotties Curling Photo of Fashion Show Pipe and Drape Photo of Pipe and Drape Photo of Pipe & Drape Photo of White drape with backlit LED and gobo

We stock Black Premium Drape and White Premium Drape for backdrops and special events. These are tall drapes for proper ceiling to floor coverage. We also stock bases, verticals and horizontals. Other sizes & styles by special request. This type of drape fabric is suitable for high end tradeshows.

Stage Backdrops look best if extended at least 4' past stage left and stage right.

Rental Item Day Wknd Week Month
drapefabricblack12' Black Drape, Premium$5.00$7.50$10.00$20.00
drapefabricblack12' Black Pipe and Drape, Premium$7.00$10.50$14.00$28.00
drapefabricwhite12' White Drape, Premium$5.00$7.50$10.00$20.00
drapefabricwhite12' White Pipe and Drape, Premium$7.00$10.50$14.00$28.00
drapefabricblack13'X16' Black Pipe and Drape, Poly Velour$80.00$120.00$160.00$320.00
drapefabricblack16' Black Drape, Premium$7.50$11.25$15.00$30.00
drapefabricblack16' Black Pipe and Drape, Premium$9.50$14.25$19.00$38.00
drapefabricwhite16' White Drape, Premium$7.50$11.25$15.00$30.00
drapefabricwhite16' White Pipe and Drape, Premium$9.50$14.25$19.00$38.00
drapefabricblack20' Black Drape, Premium$10.00$15.00$20.00$40.00
drapefabricblack20' Black Pipe and Drape, Premium$12.00$18.00$24.00$48.00
drapehardware3' Pipe and Drape Tech Package$75.00$112.50$150.00$300.00
drapehardware4' Pipe and Drape Tech Package$75.00$112.50$150.00$300.00
drapehardware7'-12' Horizontal Slider - pipe$3.00$4.50$6.00$12.00
drapehardware8'-12' Upright - pipe$5.00$7.50$10.00$20.00
drapehardware8'-20' Upright - pipe$5.00$7.50$10.00$20.00
drapehardwareUpright Base$5.00$7.50$10.00$20.00
*Prices subject to change without notice.

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